Voice Studies

“The human voice is the organ of the soul.”

—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Jeff Daily
Fall-Winter 2014-15

Looking back at the stark design of each release, there was no room for distraction: each artist’s name, under the series title heading, is printed in black text onto the white j-cards which are folded over each white cassette. The production concept for making these tapes is clearly defined, yet what is inside is as expansive as artistic liberties allow. Each cassette has been produced by the respective contributors under one directive: to use the vibrations in and around one’s world to create something new and bold or introspective and subdued.

Each tape is a record of everyday life, the stuff too real to be real— lifeblood and detritus alike. As fans of and promoters of contemporary artists, the Voice Studies series of cassettes, under the London-based My Dance the Skull imprint founded in 2009 by Marco Cazzella and Bethania Dick, gives free artistic license to individuals to create their recordings using the “organ of the soul,” the larynx. For our first and last instrument is this internal amplifier. The voice box creates tones, both pitched and unhinged, speaks words, sighs, whispers, shouts ecstatic, rages and loves. It’s the most democratic of instruments, yet rarely has the voice been so thoroughly excavated, explored or liberated as heard on the seventeen [and counting] tapes in this series.






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